Soko together with the experienced artists Virginia Innocenti, Luis Scafati and a group of 9 musicians gave life to "Pizarnik, Insólita belleza" a multidisciplinary work where the primordial thing will be the confluence of different arts, as the painting, the music and the literature, in pursuit of resignifying the work of the Argentine poet Alejandra Pizarnik, to create on the created thing and to revive even more the fire of his ideas that never stopped burning.

"...A woman charged by the wind, that alone in her endless forest tried to find the garden, in the darkness of the night..."

Virginia Innocenti / Actress. Luis Scafati / Draws. SoKo / original music, direction and flute. Nacho Amil / piano. Mauro Vicino / electric guitar. Ariel Invernisi / drums. Petalo Selser / violin. Diego Barraza / viola. Emma Cello Chacón Oribe / cello. Cristian Ferreira / double bass. "Topo" Pablo Quiñones Rodriguez / trumpet.